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Jo Beth Taylor

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jobeth_taylor_nudeBirth Name: Joanne Guilfoyle
Birth Date: May 29, 1971
Birth Place: Perth, Australia
Spouse: Thomas Muster (September 2000 – 2005) divorced
Son: Christian Muster

Jo Beth Taylor, born Joanne Guilfoyle on May 29, 1971 in Perth, Australia, is an Australian television personality most well known for hosting three weekly programs on the Nine Network at the same time between 1993 and 1997: Australia’s Funniest Home Video Show, What’s Up Doc? and Hey Hey It’s Saturday, before taking a hiatus from television for more than two years.

Taylor returned to television in 2000 as the host of StarStruck, another Nine Network program, which was to be her last role until Dirty Jobs in 2007. Taylor also had a music career in the early 1990s with the release of an album and four singles.

Life and Career

Taylor is a bubbly blond who began singing when she was 5 years old, and at the age of 13 began performing professionally when she started her career with the television program Perth’s Young Entertainers. When she was 17 she joined a band named Street Cafe and played regularly around Perth.
Alan Laguda from Street Cafe was originally from Melbourne and talked Jo Beth and the band and crew into moving there. Jo Beth recorded a demo tape, which found its way into the hands of Molly Meldrum, who immediately signed her to Melodian records.
In 1990 Taylor toured with Indecent Obsession as the support act for Debbie Gibson. The two became firm friends and Gibson invited Taylor to go to New York, where she then lived for a year. Gibson wrote and produced 5 tracks on her debut album 99 Reasons.
While in New York she also worked with Jelly Benetez who produced 5 tracks on her album.
Taylor began a pop career in the early 1990s, releasing the single 99 Reasons in 1991. The song hit the Australian Top 40, peaking at #31. Taylor’s debut album was also titled “99 Reasons”.
“You Don’t Own Me” was released as the 2nd single.
In February 1993, her television career began when she hosted Australia’s Funniest Home Videos until 1997. This made Taylor not only the sole woman to be hosting a prime-time show in Australia, but at just 22 years old she was the youngest.
Taylor also sang the opening theme song to Australia’s Funniest Home Video Show, titled “The Funny Things You Do”.
1993 also saw the release of the song “A Prayer For Jane”. The lyrics of the song were about a friend of Taylor’s who committed suicide. The song failed to make the Australian Top 50 charts, peaking at #61.
In 1996, whilst still hosting on Funniest Home Videos Taylor earned the role of co-host on Hey Hey It’s Saturday following the departure of Ernie Carroll’s Ozzie Ostrich.
On a number of occasions Taylor would host the entire Hey Hey show on her own if Daryl Somers were away, and would regularly perform music on the program. She was with the team when they celebrated their 25th Anniversary of the show at Disneyworld.
1996 also saw Taylor make a brief return to music with the release of I Love My Dog, a single for the 101 Dalmatians Movie soundtrack; reaching #95 on the ARIA chart.
During this time, Taylor hosted a number of specials for the Nine Network, namely the 40 Years of Television special which was filmed on the set of Taylor’s sometime day job, What’s Up Doc?.
In mid 1997 Taylor’s time as host on Funniest Home Videos and co-host on Hey Hey came to an abrupt end when she suffered a nervous breakdown. Taylor finished both programs without warning, prompting emergency replacements.
Getaway presenter Catriona Rowntree was called to replace Taylor on Funniest Home Videos, whilst Livinia Nixon replaced her as co-host of Hey Hey It’s Saturday.
Taylor moved to California and remained out of the public eye for more than two years, before returning to Australia in mid 1999. Upon her return she revealed in an interview with Ray Martin that her disappearance from television was due to a nervous breakdown.

Taylor made her return television appearance on In Melbourne Tonight in 1999, singing I Want You Back. Taylor also returned as a guest for the final episode of Hey Hey It’s Saturday in November 1999.
Also in 1999, she joined the cast of the Australian stage production, “Happy Days: The Arena Mega Musical”. Taylor played Laura, a character created for the stage show, who was in cahoots with Jon Stevens’ Frank (also an original character) to put the famous diner out of business.
The music selected for the Happy Days production was almost entirely from the 1960s. Taylor’s songs included “Stand By Me”, “You Don’t Own Me” and “Tell Him”.
In 2000, Taylor hosted Starstruck, an Australian Saturday night talent quest show, in what was her final television role for more than seven years.
Since 2002 Taylor made minimal television appearances; besides as a guest on Greeks On The Roof in 2003 and on Australia Unites: Reach Out to Asia in 2005, a joint venture by the Seven, Nine, and Ten networks to raise money for the Boxing Day Tsunami.
In 2006, she moved to Queensland and joined Noosa’s radio station Zinc 96.1 FM morning crew with Jamie Dunn and Agro. As of mid-2007 she no longer appears on the Zinc FM website. There has been no official announcement regarding her departure.
In 2007, Taylor attempted to resurrect her television career and co-hosted an Australian version of Dirty Jobs on the Nine Network with Ben Dark between October and November 2007.
Taylor has made at least one appearance on Mornings With Kerri-Anne in 2009 during a travel infomercial segment. Taylor returned for the second Hey Hey It’s Saturday reunion show on 7 October 2009.
Taylor was amongst the line up of celebrities competing in the tenth season of Dancing with the Stars on the Seven Network. She was eliminated in the fourth week.

On the 13 November 2010 episode of Hey Hey It’s Saturday, Jo Beth returned to the show as a contestant during one of the game segments. She returned again on 27 November 2010 to judge Red Faces on the series finale.



2000 Starstruck (TV series)
Hostess (2000)


2010 Dancing with the Stars (TV series)

2010 20 to 1 (TV series documentary)

2009 Hey Hey it’s Saturday: The Reunion (TV movie)

2007 Dirty Jobs (TV series documentary)

2005 Australia Unites: Reach Out to Asia (TV movie)

2003 Greeks on the Roof (TV series)

1997-1999 Hey Hey, It’s Saturday (TV series)

1994 Breaking News (TV series)

1993-1997 Australia’s Funniest Home Video Show (TV series)

1991 99 Reasons (CD, Album) Melodian
Singles and EP’s
1991 99 Reasons Melodian
1991 You Don’t Own Me Melodian
1993 A Prayer for Jane Melodian
1996 I Love My Dog

• Says she walked out of the television series, “Australia’s Funniest Home Video Show” & “Hey Hey, It’s Saturday” (1971) because she needed a break, spent two years in California recovering from severe exhaustion before returning to Australia in August 1999
• Wed international Austrian tennis star Thomas Muster at a ceremony in late 2000 in a castle in Austria.
• Taylor had a relationship with Plucka Duck, aka Simon “Simo” Lefebvre.
• Taylor has a pet Dalmation named Vali.
• Taylor does Zumba and Salsa classes to keep fit.
• She ranked 8th in 1998 and 11th in 2000 FHM Australia’s 100 Sexiest Women.


• It’s ruthless, but there are many ruthless businesses.
• (on being a co-host for Dirty Jobs) I knew there’d be times I’d have to really dig deep to do something. But I never thought I’d be sucking out a septic tank – and I never want to do it again. It was pretty disgusting.
• (on being eliminated on Dancing with the Stars) It was bittersweet. It took over my life in general and I have missed out on things my son Christian has gone through. My dog has gone into depression without a walk for eight weeks.
• You build a strong relationship when you work with someone that close but don’t believe everything you read.
• (on Make a Wish Foundation) I’ve worked with them before and I just love the fact they grant wishes. Especially since having my son, I really wanted to help a children’s charity. Granting a wish is such a beautiful thing to do for people.
• It was just a case of, ‘I don’t want to do this any more. I’m out!
• I have a normal life and I’m certainly not glamorous. I do normal things, like hang out the washing, trip over my son’s mess and even shop at Target. Normal, everyday life. I do however, consciously take the time away from work to be with my boy and I guess I have been lucky to have the luxury to be able to do that. I love being a mum. Sure it’s different to the old days, but it’s better in so many ways.

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