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New Veronicas Nude

Posted September 15 2008 | 0 Comments

The Veronicas Nude

The above is a new alleged picture of The Veronica’s Nude. Well not all of the Veronica’s, just poor old Jess Origliasso once again.

Originally it was thought that one of Jess’ ex’s was behind the leaking of the nude pictures on the net.

But this latest picture seems to be getting circulated around by a one man campaign to damage the Veronicas reputation.

The father of 3 says, “I’m only posting these because I’m a father of three, and am very annoyed with how my young girls look up to these people, and they let them down every time they appear in public.”

Thankfully for the Veronica’s, they have probably increased their male fan base by 1000% since these pictures have surfaced.

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